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We have a few requirements for producing your models:


  • Naming your Models
    • When you upload the product onto the website you need to need to assign an SKU for each item.



    • This is the product identifier and will allow us to upload, print, and package your models ensuring accuracy throughout the process.
    • It must include your vendor code (assigned to you), and a unique identifier for your models.
      • Examples include WRC-TC01 or ZMW-7000A or ZMW-3000A-X1
  • Printing Multipart items:
    • Each item needs to be uploaded independently
    • If you are needing a multi-part model printed you can link them by name, (example: ABC-1000p1, ABC-1000p2, ABC-1000p3)
    • Quantity can be expressed using “x” then the number needed. (ABC-1000p1x2, ABC-1000p1x1, ABC-1000p3x4)
  • Labeling your models:
    • We have 2 options for labeling your products.
      • Including your SKU on the model. It needs to be large enough to read but can be hidden on the underside or inner section.
      • Your model can be printed on a larger raft that will hold that information during the printing and post-processing of your model. This option may not be available on all products and may increase your cost slightly.
  • Model Uploading:
    • When uploading your files into your folder that SKU must be at the beginning of the name. It can have other descriptions in the name but it is not required.
    • The uploader can be found under the Create tab, and by clicking on manage my files.
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