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Product development

Welcome to 3Dp Train’s team of creators. We look forward to working with you to produce high-quality models and kits.

As you begin to explore the site, you will see many options, some may be confusing. this is due to the software we are using. As we don’t currently have the funding to custom design a website, we are using software that is currently available. The software we are using is designed for an online marketplace, but not for a 3d printing service like we are providing. As such, there are certain aspects of the software that we are working around to get the functionality we need. We will continue to improve these areas and the long-term goal is to redesign the entire site when funding allows.

A few of the problem areas are as follows:

Product cost: When listing a product there is no way for us to enter our cost in a way that you can see. Once you get a cost from us, be sure to list your item at the retail price you would like to sell it at. We will adjust the commission percentage to account for this.

Product Attributes: This is a critical section of your product creation. These define your product and affect its searchability in the product catalog.


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