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Starting your design

If you have a design that you would like to bring to life, you can draw it in a CAD program and have 3DP Train print your project and ship it to you. If you think that other people may be interested in the item you can also list it in our marketplace.


There are many good programs out there that you can use to create your model. We would suggest you start by looking up tutorials of the following programs to get a feel for the software and what it can do, when you find one you like, give it a try.
  • Tinkercad-¬†https://www.tinkercad.com/ This is completely free software. It is a simpler program to learn the basics of CAD. you can start here and grow. They offer classes to learn their program.
  • Fusion 360 – https://www.autodesk.com/ The next step up from Tinkercad, or a good first start for those who want more powerful software.
  • Blender- https://www.blender.org/ This is another free software, there are several tutorials on their site. There are also many tutorials on YouTube. This software is much more advanced, it might be overwhelming at first.
  • Sketchup- https://www.sketchup.com/ They offer free and paid versions of this software. The free software is cloud-based, but if you get into this program you can pay for it. They offer several resources on their website.
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