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Product Data – Attributes

On the Attributes tab, you can assign details to a product. You will see a select box containing global attribute sets that have been previously created.

Once you have chosen an attribute from the select box, click add and apply the terms attached to that attribute (e.g., Scale) to the product. You can hide the attribute on the frontend by leaving the Visible checkbox unticked.

We have created a few global attributes that will make your product easier for customers to find. If they are applicable to your model be sure to use them:

Scale – The scale of your model.

Company / Railroad – Use to assign the prototype company or railroad that owned your model.

Era – Use to assign the era (in decades) that your model existed during.

Length – Set the length (full size) of your model in feet.


Add custom attributes

Alternatively, add an attribute you only want to use for one product. This would only be ideal if you have a product with unique variations. Select Custom product attribute in the dropdown and follow the above steps.

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