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Basic Information

WooCommerce Add Product - Familiar Interface

Product Name

We recommend having a standard naming practice for your models. For example: BX02 – SP 28′ Boxcar. We ask that you keep the name specific, yet short this will help keep a uniform look in the market place. If you chose to include a specific company name, please abbreviate it, the full searchable name can be added under Product Attributes in a later section.


The permalink is shown directly below the product name only after the product draft is saved for the first time. Once saved the permalink can be edited, we recommend changing it to be your part Number. Keep in mind however the permalink must be unique, if your part number is a duplicate of another in our catalog it will change it.

Product Description

This is your place to provide a detailed description of your model. We also require two sections: Kit Contents, and Additional parts needed, these are best placed after your product description in the same box. We will work with you to develop your kit and can help fill in or add these areas as needed.

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