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Adding your 3D Printed Product

The majority of this content has been copied from the Woo Commerce documentation. it has been edited and expanded upon to fit our specific needs.

To add a new product go to:

Create > Shop Manager > Dashboard > Products > Add New.

Description Explanation
Title This should be a Short Product Name
Permalink This is the SKU for the product in lowercase. If you need assistance click here https://old.3dptrain.com/docs/product-managment/creating-a-sku/.
Product Type Simple
Downloadable Only click this if you want to sell the digital file only
Price This is the customer’s price for buying the product. The ( ) shows the commotion to 3DP Train
Discount Price The sale price overrides the set price.
Category You need to be as specific as possible, So if you have a steam train kit, use Train>Steam. If you need a new one added please email [email protected]
Short Description this appears to the right of the picture under the price. If you use this you should be short and sweet. It is optional. This fills the area between the price and the [Add to cart] button.
Description This needs to be as detailed as possible. This will show up first in the list of tabs lower on the page.
Inventory Add your product SKU (refer to https://old.3dptrain.com/docs/product-managment/creating-a-sku/ ) Do not add or change anything else.
Shipping and Tax 3DP Train will set this for you
Linked Products Upsell: not used in our marketplace                                                                                                              Cross-Sell: Promote items for products in a customer’s cart. Examples would be trucks that match your car.
Attributes Click on the drop-down bar and add:                                                                                                            “Scale” of your product (do not use a 3D scale)                                                                                     “Length” of the product                                                                                                                                   “Era” decade of the Product                                                                                                “Company/Railroad” Prototype Name for product
RMA Options Skip this section
Other Options Make sure that Visibility is set to visible.
Purchase Note Optional to the vendor
Enable Product Review Customers can leave reviews on the website once they order your products. It is optional if you want it to be enabled.

To edit a product go to:

Create > Shop Manager > Dashboard > Products > All products > Select product.

While adding your first product, let’s get familiar with the product management page. The Main Body is where the majority of the product settings are located. The Sidebar contains additional options, settings, as well as publishing tools.

There are many product options that are not required, or applicable for your product. We will only be covering the options that are applicable to creating your model. There are also a few sections that we will need to fill in.


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